What is Affiliate Membership?

The UCAR affiliate membership is a great marketing opportunity for companies and businesses that interact with REALTORS®. As an affiliate member, you may take part in a variety of benefits, represent your business, and begin to build relationships with the membership.


The benefits you may participate in as an affiliate include:

  • Sponsor REALTOR® education classes—When REALTORS® attend mandatory training in our office, you are welcome to schedule ahead to come and give a short presentation telling REALTORS® about your company.
  • Networking at golf tournaments, free luncheons, and socials with our membership.
  • Receive relevant mailings & bi-weekly newsletters from us.
  • Volunteer participation on committees.
  • Business cards displayed for distribution at our office.
  • Word of mouth and more.

Affiliate Rosters

Affiliate Roster

Become An Affiliate

At the Utah County Association of REALTORS® we have created a great marketing opportunity for companies and businesses that interact with REALTORS®. We call them Affiliates, or friends of our Association and we incorporate many interactions with them.

Affiliate Member Dues

The company annual dues will allow you to register your company and three representatives from your company. You may register additional individual memberships for $30 per person. Each affiliate is invited to membership luncheons, will receive the newsletter and is eligible for the Affiliate Awards program.


Affiliate Annual dues are $320 plus a $20 event fee and are due on or before December 15th. Memberships not renewed by January 15th will be terminated. Listed below are the pro-rated Affiliate Annual Dues.

January $340.00
February $311.67
March $283.33
April $255.00
May $226.67
June $198.33
July $170.00
August $141.67
September $113.33
October $420.00
November $393.33
December $366.67

*When joining in October, November, or December, this amount includes affiliate dues for the next year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Association at (801) 226-3777.