Annual Dues Billing Cycle

UCAR annual dues include the National Association of REALTORS,  Utah Association of REALTORS, and Utah Central Association of REALTORS dues with a recommended RPAC contribution.


In 2019 our dues billing period changed. Annual dues were previously due in November and will now be due in June. Please see details below.


In years past, our billing period has been from January 1 – December 31. After a vote from our membership to amend the bylaws and change our billing period, the new billing period will be from September 1 – August 31 every year. This change simply changes the dates on which you pay. Instead of paying your dues in November every year, you will pay them in June.


Dues are due no later than 5:00 pm on June 30st to avoid a $30 late fee (unless the date falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is the next business day). The $30 late fee will be added to all accounts beginning at 5:00 pm on June 30st.

An additional $30 late fee will be added if the dues are not paid by 5:00 pm on July 31st. After the July 31st deadline, the designated broker of the agent then becomes responsible to either pay the dues for the agent or terminate the agent’s membership no later than 5:00 pm on August 31st.  If the agent’s dues are not paid and the agent is not terminated from the office, all members of that office could be suspended from the MLS until payment is made or the agent is terminated.


Dues will be posted on member accounts beginning on May 1st. The association will notify all members of the dues via email, postcard, posting notices on social media, the association website, UtahRealEstate.com (the MLS), in the office, and push notifications through the Supra Ekey app. A text message will also be sent out no later than 1 week prior to the deadline. Brokers of all offices will receive notice of the dues with instruction to remind agents within their offices.

Late fees will not be waived once they are applied to a members account for nonpayment of dues.


To become active again, terminated agents (those who have not paid their dues by the August 31st deadline) must pay the dues and a $350 reactivation fee.

Refunds of the UCAR local dues are only authorized if the agent decides to go inactive or transfer boards/associations before August 31, 2023. The 2024 UAR and NAR dues can be refunded if the agent decides to make their license inactive before December 31, 2023. There are no refunds for agents who join after the beginning of the billing year and pay the prorated dues.

Annual Dues Payment Breakdown

Primary Members

$525.00 $210.00 $45.00 $156.00 $936.00

Dues are non-refundable. Dues are subject to change without notice.