With active Realtor/Appraiser membership a benefit you receive is access to Supra lockboxes by way of digital app to download on a compatible cellular device or tablet. You are then required to sign a Supra key holder agreement at the
UCAR office to redeem an authorization code. A UCAR team member will help walk you through how to use your Supra key.
Supra offers an alternative key called ActiveKEY for a fee of $40/yr.
Daily, by way of data plan or Wi-Fi. Manual update is also available on your key by selecting the update icon in app.
You either are not in data coverage or need to reboot your phone to refresh app or reinstall Supra eKEY app. When reinstalling app, input new authorization code from Supra or UCAR or contact UCAR office 801-226-3777 for emergency update code or call Supra Tech Support line at 877-699-6787.
This error code means you need to reauthorize your key by logging into Supra’s website or by calling UCAR office at 801-226-3777. As a last resort uninstall Supra eKEY app, reinstall then input new authorization code.
This error code means Status of eKEY holder may not be in good standing, you need to contact UCAR by calling UCAR office at 801-226-3777 to find the out the reason.
UCAR sells Supra BTLE boxes for $116; occasionally UCAR sells used BTLE lockboxes, inquire within.
Supra lockboxes can be transferred to agents within the UCAR board with a Bill of Sale from previous owner to new owner. Bill of Sale should include: seller name, buyer name, date, BTLE lockbox serial numbers.
Download Supra eKEY application on new device and call UCAR to get a new authorization code. Another option would be to login to to request a new authorization code.

Request Authorization Code

Members that have an eKEY can now request an authorization code from within the eKEY app.
This is useful if they are moving their eKEY service to a new phone or if they receive a 9B0D error when the eKEY gets out of sync with the server.

To obtain an eKEY authorization code from Mobile SupraWEB:

1. Select the SupraWEB icon from within the eKEY app (on the 2nd page of icons), or navigate to on your smartphone.

2. Enter eKEY serial number. The eKEY serial number can be found at the top of the eKEY home screen.

3. Enter 4-digit PIN.

4. Select the Association/MLS from the dropdown list.

5. Select Login.

6. Select Authorization Code

7. The authorization code will be emailed to the email address on file in SupraNET.

Supra Non-Member Access

Any member may grant a one-time access code to allow third parties access to your listing. This is NOT intended to take the place of a Realtor, but rather a way to allow inspectors, appraisers, and others easy access to a home of your choice. NON-MEMBER ACCESS WILL COST $5 PER USE and will be billed monthly.

Supra Training Tutorials

Supra Web Login
You will need a username and password to access your Supra account. Here you can manage your listings, reports, and settings. For your first login, you will need to provide your key serial number and pin.
Supra Web Guide
Learn how to receive automatic emails to notify you of activity and your listings or how to create customized activity reports for printing or emailing.
Supra Web Tour
View a tour of the SupraWEB website
Mobile SupraWeb Guide
View instructions on accessing SupraWEB with your mobile device.
Get Update Code
1. Click here
2. Enter the serial number of your key (which is located on the back of your key) and your PIN.
3. Click on Update Code on the left hand Quick Links Menu.
Contact Supra
For Technical Support, call 1-877-699-6787

Intro to Your ActiveKEY

The ActiveKEY is the first wireless lockbox key designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. ActiveKEY keeps itself updated 24/7 through frequent cellular connections to the Supra network. Virtually no attention is required from you. When an ActiveKEY opens one of your iBoxes, you receive a realtime showing notification on your key. You know right away when someone has entered your listings!


Use your smartphone or tablet as your lockbox key. The eKEY application uses your phone’s wireless communications so you can do business anywhere. Choose from many different Android™, BlackBerry®, and Apple phones and tablets. For a list of devices that were thoroughly tested by Supra and provide the highest possible user experience, click here.  Devices not on this list may still be compatible, however, user experience may vary.

The Supra iBox is an electronic keybox that is placed on
listings and holds the listing’s keys. The iBox uses infrared technology to communicate with
Supra keys.

UCAR sells new iBoxes at our office. Please contact us concerning the current prices of new and used iBoxes. If you buy or sell an iBox from another agent, you must have a bill of sale to authorize reprogramming of the box.